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Hey there! Thanks for this tool, it seems to be very useful, however, I haven't been able to test it yet. Do you mind helping out with a couple of questions here?

1. It seems that the original installer comes with malware (please see the screenshot from VT result). Why is that? It's extremely not cool if this was your original intent.

2. I was trying to add a few gmail accounts to test the tool, however, I wasn't able to run any tests - there was a message saying I need to add 100+ accounts first (see another screenshot) - is this right or am I doing something wrong? I check out the video that you attached and it seemed to be working with 2-3 accounts for you. Can you please advise here?

3. On a video that you attached to the original post you mention that google has banned you, what providers do you recommend using with this tool to get the spam to a minimum?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi, It is false detection by VirusTotal and only seems to be detected by 1, we usually use alot of libraries in our applications and sometimes we get false detections. Our tools are 100% clean.

2 . Try to reduce number of threads, if you add more servers just reduce numbers of threads because it will be multiplied by number of emails, we handled this to avoid crashes.

3. Use 10 Threads otherwise SMTP server will get suspended, Google,Yahoo etc.. can suspend your emails (Not the tool) if you go too fast, so add 3 minutes waiting time, and you can keep it running 😉


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How do I purchase this software Admin?
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