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  1. Oxcode

    Development | Automation, Softwares, Scrappers, Web (Front&Backend)

    Development: - Software with graphical interface - Console applications - Scripts - Overcoming almost any defenses (only for lawful purposes) - Android requests automation(apk, web, http/s, api), parsing - BAS development - Sorting data into any convenient format - txt, excel, etc...
  2. B

    [CLEAN] OpenBullet Last Version Last Update

    Clean Openbullet Source USE IT IN VM/VPS i cleaned myself , but for your selfprotect just use in virtual machine or vps i'm not sure if they are other bad things , but i used myself for long time and working perfectly Download:
  3. D

    Questions Adobe premiere pro

    Someone have a download link for the newest adobe premiere pro?
  4. D

    Questions Ccleaner pro?

    Anyone have a working download link for free ccleaner pro?
  5. Marks-Man

    Other Chilkat Software - All Here

    Chilkat Software more info Chilkat Components / Libraries for .NET, ActiveX, C++, Objective-C, IOS, Android, Ruby, Python, Perl, and Java Spoiler: Description Chilkat .NET and Delphi are the name of a component that can communicate with POP3 and SMTP SSH ports, and can be used to build...
  6. Marks-Man

    Windows IcoFX 3.5.1 + Portable Icon Design and Editing 3.5.1

    IcoFX Application software for designing, editing and creating icons that enable you to create icons with Transparency design. The software is designed to work in Windows XP and Vista environments, but it also supports Mac OS Icons. Leaves open in the design of unique icons. The software also...