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  1. DataLeaks_qd

    Leaks Benetton India Database

    Target: Category: Shopping 🛍️ Country: India 🇮🇳 Monthly Users: 500k Info: UserID, Mobile Numbers, Loyalty-Type, Emails, FirstName, LastName DOWNLOAD Leaked Databases channel
  2. DataLeaks_qd

    [FREE] VIP Databases | Docs | Dumps | Logs

    Forget about searching for databases and ID's for work Unfortunately, our previous channel was banned. Because of this, I will post bases from the VIP channel in the new group absolutely free! Unique dumped leaked databases updates everyday. Famous leaks are bought weekly and shared with u...
  3. DataLeaks_qd

    Tutorials [FREE SCAMPAGE] Roulette script for 2500 EURO [crash, jackpot, dice, bots, Cs go/Dota2 [Drain]

    Site supports multilingual and multi-currency. The project is well optimized for high loads, on this you will not have problems with hanging from high traffic. GAME MODES: Jackpot - odds are distributed between all participants depending on the amount bet; Crash - chance to win determines the...
  4. DataLeaks_qd


    textback-ai.json Documents | ID's | KYC | Passports | Databases | Combos | Mixes VPN | Netflix | PayPal | Antivirus | ChatGPT Accounts SMTP | Proxy | Mailaccess | Windows keys Databases of all countries USA | Malaysia | Iran | France | Canada | China | India | Russia | Indonesia etc...
  5. Marko

    Tutorials Clean Logs (Admin,Moderator,Change Logs)

    Clean admin, moderator, and change logs Execute SQL Commands via phpMyadmin: TRUNCATE `xf_admin_log`; TRUNCATE `xf_change_log`; TRUNCATE `xf_moderator_log`;