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ChkTable can support you in finding out which tables or fields are no longer used in the XF installation. This is an interesting thing, especially after the change from XF1 to XF2. But even beyond that, it is always of interest to know which add-on has left remnants in the DB.

This version is still at an early stage. The first extensive tests were stable and satisfactory. So we are now looking forward to ideas/opinions.

Important Info:
There is a flag for the "config.php" with which you can activate the renaming of a table/column. As with the XF superAdmin flag, the admin user IDs that are to have access to the add-on must be entered here.
$config['X0815']['ChkTables']['renameData'] = ADMIN_USER_IDs;

If changes are made to the DB, a backup should always be made and the use and final control is the responsibility of the user.

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